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Monday, April 17, 2006

What I Love About A Writing Blog

In a carry over from yesterday's entry, I discovered what I love most about a writing blog. I can do anything I want or rather, write any way I want. No, it doesn't give a great impression when I say I'm a writer and people read this but still, you have to be almost a purist with the work you are sending to publishers. Watch every phrase, double check every adverb to make sure if it needs to be there or if there is a better way, watch your 'was' count and 'that' or 'just' (of which I am horrid) . Yet, with a blog like this it is so nice to have a place just to be relaxed and pressure free.

What I mean is...
I can was up the wazoo!
I can just, just because.
I can give you that, till I'm that content that I will be happy.
I'm able to go blinging while flinging and ringing while I'm singing.
I can do all this because I really, really, want to and also's my blog.
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