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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Anatomy and Off line

I'm going to be off-line until Monday. There are a number of things going on here that need to be addressed, one of which is chapter five and six. The other things will be much harder to deal with but I will be back Monday for your regularly schedualed program.

So you don't miss me, I'd like to leave you with a question...which part of the male anatomy do you write about most? I can hear the giggles now but hey, if it's that part well, then we know what genre of writing you do, don't we LOL. For me it's the eyes and the arms...oh, the arms. I LOVE arms on a man and I'm not talking about the He-man weightlifters--those are way too much. I mean the strong, can handle anything, forgive-me-for-drooling type arms. I remember in highschool I had to do a black and white photography project. I was the shy girl so how I worked up the courage I don't know, but I asked this hot jock in one of my classes to help me. OMG he had amazing arms. I had him hold a rose against a black background then shot just his arm and hand at different angles and positions. I had him for the better part of two hours all to myself locked away in the basement crawlspace so I could control the lighting and with an excuse to stare at his arms as long as I wanted. I still don't think my mother ever knew. Whoa...yeah, still makes me drool to this day. And with baseball season well under way (go Jays!) I don't mind so much that my husband is a sports-aholic. A good set of biceps and strong hands get me every time so they easily work their way into my writing. As for eyes, I like to find unusual ways to describe them. I don't know if I do but I sure like trying.

So, what part of the male species do you like and/or makes its way frequently into your writing, consciously or unconsiously ;) ?

See you Monday....
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