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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Flowers from the Heart

Over on the Deadline Hellions blog yesterday, one of the authors was talking about stopping to smell the roses and if you actually do. I admit, usually something has to stop me before I do but I'm thankful when it does.

Take my boys for instance. Last year whenever we went outside they would pick me a flower (actually a dandy-lion or weed) and say "Here mommy, because I love you". Yeah, I know, they're adorable. I loved it but I felt bad when not an hour later the flower head would be withered and dead and the boys felt sad about it.

This year it started again and seriously, there faces are so cute when they tilt their heads and bashfully give it to me. So, I tried a different option. I told them how much I loved that they wanted to give me flowers and how special it made me feel. I also explained how it is really much better for the flowers though not to actually be picked and that they would be happier with the other flowers (remember we're taking ages 3 and 4 here). I told them that it was the thought that counted and the next time they wanted to pick me a flower just tell me and it will be just as special.

So the other day, there we were headed for the bus stop and my oldest stops by a flower, bends down and looks at it then at me. With a big smile on his face he says, "Mom, I'm thinking that I would like to pick a flower for you. Is that a good thought?" Then he came and gave me a big hug.

Now for me, that is a stop-and-smell-the-roses moment if I ever had one.
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