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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Learning Curve

We talk a lot about how our writing is going and what we've learned, discovered, or can suggest for others. For all of this I am humbly grateful.

I think I mentioned it before that we see our writing like a child growing, that we don't notice the growth in our own children because we are so close to them etc etc etc.

This week, I got a funny eye opener of just how much I've grown.

There is a new e-publisher out, The Wild Rose Press. Reading up on them, they are taking short stories as well as full length fiction. I've had this particular short story hanging around that I'm considering sending in. I LOVE it but it is very opposite to what I currently write. It's a little dark and a little odd. It sat for six months in a magazine's slush pile only for that magazine to fold. The next magazine I sent it to was all wrong--a very amature mistake which I still cringe at. Also, working on TOHL, I'm very consious about word choice, checking each chapter over before I go on etc etc--I know, repeating myself again and you are thinking , where the heck is she going with this? Well, right here. Learning curves.

First and most obvious, I've learned to research publishers better, everything and anything I can read on them, of them, or by them. Second, I've finally learned how far my writing has actually come. I reread the short story and still love it but when I did the proof search for the usual warning words (was, ing, ly, blah blah blah) I had to laugh. I had this great idea to highlight them in different colours so I could fix them on the read through of the hard copy. Well, my pages lit up like New York Rockefeller Centre's Christmas Tree. Seriously, the editors who actually read the story must have laughed themselves silly. In one paragraph alone, I had 10 ly words, 6 ings, 5 was, 3 thats, and 2 justs. Yikes!

My current proofing of the TOHL chapters, which I thought yeilded a crap load of crappy words, are NOTHING compared to the short story. Without even realizing it, I've grown, changed, adapted, and improved. It's just nice to actually see it in writing for a change.

So, do you have any learning curves you've discovered?
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