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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Make it or Break it

Well, I made it in that I completed chapter five and six over the course of the weekend. I'm still content with the way the story is going and just put my h into a hurdle race of incidents with the final one having her mistaken for a hooker...ya, I'm mean but it was fun and I figure she'll more than forgive me by the end when she gets her man. Till then, I can have as much fun as I want LOL.

As for the breaking it, my neice stayed with us this weekend and we had to do some major surgery on her doll. Decapitation...ugh, not pleasant. The prognosis is still unknown but we are hopeful. Goop is an amazing product so let's see if it hold up to its name so to speak.

Unfortunately, I've also discovered a break-it in my story. My H doesn't have a set goal. Yes, he's helping her achieve her goal and falling in love with her in the meantime but he himself doesn't have a set goal simple or otherwise. *Throwing hands up in the air* back to the drawing board...or in this case outline.
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