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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Obviously I've Offended the Universe

It's 3am...I don't do anything but sleep at 3am...ask me why I'm up at 3am and on the computer none the less. Is it because my muse woke me--no, she's cuddled up with her latest boy-toy enjoying the after-glow and precious sleep. No, I'm on right now to distract myself...from pain. I have a horrid ear-ache. So horrid in fact that I just returned from the emergency room about a half hour ago (hey, you want in quick, go at 2am, nobody there)

I honestly feel for the children now who wake up screaming in the night with ear-aches. I've had them before but nothing like this and talk about out of the blue! You know I have to put a quirk on things well get this. I had my yearly physical this morning. My doctor did all the regular stuff including looking at my ears...nothing. It started around 9pm and by 10 I was twisting in pain. Advil didn't help, warm heat didn't help, nothing. I couldn't sleep, couldn't hear, couldn't get comfortable and finally said enough is enough, rolled my husband over and told him where I was going (got an oh really, oh, okay,*snore*...gotta love the support) and headed into town. Lo and behold my doctor walks into my little cubical (it's a small town, my doc does double duty at the hospital too) This pretty much sums up the conversation:

Doc: Didn't I just see you this morning.
Me: Yep.
Doc: Physical right?
Me: Yep.
Doc: I checked your ears, didn't I?
Me: Yep.
*looks in my ear*
Doc: Whoa, where the heck did that come from?
Me: No idea, can you get rid of it?
Doc: Yep.

So thankfully he gave me a dose of meds while I was there and a prescription to fill tomorrow. The nurse was great asking if I was stocked for Tylenol with the look that said, if you need it honey, I'll gladly give you a good supply, you poor thing.

All in all it was the fastest trip to the Emergency room in history. 45 minutes round trip--that was a was the fact that my doctor was there, that was a nice surprise.

But seriously, I must have offended the universe somewhere. For those who come visit often, you know what I'm talking about, for those who are new...just trust me, it's been a rough six months, let alone the last two. I'm a freakin' disaster zone.

Oh well, guess it's all fodder for the writting idea folder.
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