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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Ode To Men

I found this when I was looking for the other story I talked about in a recent post. I laughed myself silly and had to share!

Disclaimer: This was written ages ago and in jest to cheer up my sister and best friend who were both going through disastrous relationships. I do apologize to any male reader who may find this abhoridly offensive. My personal views do not reflect any part of this piece (well, except maybe for a line or two during PMS) and I myself am a happily married woman with a man I adore.


You, the deviant of society,
Whose muscles outweigh your worth,
Whose brains fit into Levis,
Whose only necessity is procreation by which we thank the Gods for sperm-banks.

Let not you think that you dare rule the wit of wives long accustomed to suppressing their wisdom for your pride.
As our ancestors, the Amazons, we too shall rule like Goddesses amongst mere slime scraped from our stilletoes.
Like sirens of old, our voices will render you impotent.

You are playthings; nothing but bits of amusements tossed as garbage when we are bored.
You are slaves to your id,
You are scum, lowlifes,
You are men...

Hang your heads in shame.

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