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Monday, May 01, 2006

The Short and Long of It

Ask yourself this question first as a reader, then as a writer.

Do you prefer short or long chapters?

My answer is the same for both. Short. Reading wise it keeps me turning pages or gives me a place to comfortably stop to go back to the real world, you know, making dinner, telling the kids for the umpteenth time to clean up their toys, pretending to pay attention to the husband's sports commentary from the night know, the usual.

As for writing, I write till the cliff-hanger. If that is seven pages in or twenty-four pages in it doesn't matter, that is where the chapter will end. I've tried to elongate some and put two chapters together but then it just doesn't end comfortably for me. I don't even consiously look for the hook that it should end on, it just happens that way. On average I would say my chapters end around page ten. Again, it's something I've finally accepted is just my thing after attempting to work with the many 'rules' that say chapters should be a minimum of 15 to 20 pages long.

So, what is your short and long of it?
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