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Wednesday, May 17, 2006


(Okay, let me just say if you google the word 'eyes' be prepared for some really gross stuff.)

Sight, what does your character see? This is something I've learned recently and thought I'd share.

Now, unfortunately, I can't recall where I heard this. It could even be from a number of sources. But the sight of a character isn't just made up from what he/she sees but how he/she perseves it. I found this very interesting because one thing I'm trying to get away from in my own work is the omnicent writing. Just because I know everything, doesn't mean my characters know everything and I find that I will often write it in anyways.

While Juliet tells Rachel about her date last night, the door opens behind her and Rafe walks in. I know it's a very simple sentence, but as a general example, if it is in Juliet's pov she's busy talking and can't see the door opening and Rafe walking in.

I'm only now learning that I make this mistake (and all the time).

As for the perception, it's an interesting comment that I never thought of before and am just now trying to incorporate more into my writing. Again, a very simple example: A woman is in line at the grocery store. She has two kids and a cart with few supplies. Different characters would see different things.

Juliet may notice the worn clothes on the kids and the woman, her haggard look and the measly supplies in the cart...milk, bread, ground beef, and a bag of apples. These details strike her as important maybe because it resembles her childhood where they had to wear hand-me downs, make a dollar stretch as far as possible, and her mother never looked happy.

Racheal may see a woman who shops at Walmart instead of Rodeo Drive. Some unruly children and a mother who didn't have time to put any more in her cart because her kids were jumping all over the displays.

Rafe, heck, he may not see them at all because he's checking out the buxom cashier.

Perception plays a big role in rounding out a character and part of the growth of a character is how these perceptions change as within the story.

So, if your character were in the grocery store, what would they see?
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