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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Slow or Fast, Fast or Slow?

Which is worse to wait for snail-mail or e-mail?

Personally, I'm voting for e-mail. Yes, it's a long wait at your mailbox when you have a submission out but the mail-carrier only comes once a day (and in Canada only Mon-Fri) Which means after he has left you an empty box, or worse yet, the monthly bills, he leaves and that's pretty much it until the same time tomorrow.

E-mail on the other hand may in fact come fast but it could also come literally at any minute. You could get your letter at 2pm or 2am which means I have a tendancy to hover over it while I'm waiting for something. Barring anything specific, I get maybe two emails a day on two different accounts and usually from friends or family which means checking it once in the morning or at night is all I really need. But no, when I have an electronic submission out, I check it every time I'm on the computer. Even when I'm doing something else like housework or making dinner, I'll get that can't breath, OMG what have I done, feeling and run and check just in case.

So, in truth, I think I prefer snail-mail for the wait. Once a day, I can freak out, if it's not there it's not there and I can return to my day calmly.

What about you...?
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