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Monday, May 15, 2006


How do you describe touch in your writings?

Touch to me is two fold. It is what is felt when touching but it is also the movement, placement, and reason behind the touch. The feeling part is fairly obvious, hot, cold, soft, hard, callused, firm, angry, gentle. But, say during a movie, have you ever been stopped by a touch? This is what I think about while I'm writing. An example I mentioned before is the kiss from Smokey and the Bandit. For a macho movie it has a great kiss scene and touch is a big part of it. For me though I watch a man's hands when they slow dance. The placement of their hands and how they are holding the woman. This may sound obvious but when you really look, a number of them just go through the motions. This could easily ruin the mood for me if the guy can't dance right. The hands are light on the back or holding the woman's hand because that's how it's done, not because that's what they 'want' to be doing. To me, the great dance scenes have the man's hand firmly holding her back, splayed a little to get as much of her touching his skin as possible. The hand he's holding is held tight and close, not away from their bodies like a Fred Astaire impersonation. It's a capture, it's a wanting.

I try to focus on this with every touch in my writings. Yes, some touches are casual or accidental but other's are purposeful--healing, comfort, pushing, needing. I want each to read as if the reader is the one being touched or longs to be touched that way. I want to touch the reader not just emotionally, but physically as well. Am I succeeding, who knows? But one thing I do's all in the touch.
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