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Friday, June 16, 2006

The Anatomy of a Story

Which anatomical part of a story do you like best?

The brain: The ideas that come to you, hints of a prospective, utterly fabulous story?

The skeleton: Outlining the base of the story, slowly laying the foundation piece by piece from the jumbled collection of napkins, gum wrappers, and notebooks you might have been using?

The muscle: Starting that first draft where the characters really start to develop, the conflicts become stronger, and the meat of the story is there getting stronger every day?

The flesh: Revisions where you are fleshing out all the chapters, pulling the whole together in one fluid form?

I'm a bit of the brain and skeleton myself. I loved getting new ideas, that zing of creativity then piecing my notes together, coming up with little snippits, one liners, or a sudden epiphany that would really bring a whole other aspect to the story. Building the story one scrap of paper at a time until I had a sketch of the whole, an inkling of what it could really be.

So, which anatomical part of a story do you like best?
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