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Friday, June 30, 2006

I Got "THE CALL!" (No, not that one...)

Remember my post...The Writing's in the Toilet (June 17th):

At no point in my conscious thoughts would I have connected writing with
potty training. Yes, I'm still in the throws of potty training the stubborn
Tanya posted yesterday that her daughter is FINALLY fully trained--no more pull ups for her! I left this message on her blog. I hadn't planned to elaborate past the first sentence...the words just came and I thought them worth a post all on their own.

Congratulations on the Potty Training. I'm happy for's
just like when another struggling author finally gets her contract while you
are still struggling away. You're happy for them, envy them, want to throw
dagger at them, curse, fret and do the why-not-me pitty party, then buck up,
pull yourself back together with a renewed determination to work hard and
one day, yes, one day it will be your turn to get THE CALL..."Mommy, I went potty all by myself!"**sigh** I'm still waiting for it so if you get a sharp twinge in
your back it's just me and won't last but a dagger or two before I'm off to
the next step of the cycle. My day will one friend said, "You've
never seen acollege student in diapers have you?"

Well, through all the excitement this past week I forgot to tell you all about the best call of all..."Mommy, I went potty all by myself!" YAAAAAAA!!!!

We've even started practicing wearing 'tighty whities' at home this week. Can I hear a big YIPEE!!!

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