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Friday, June 09, 2006

I Wasn't Exagerating

I've mentioned my sports-aholic husband before and now I'd like to give you an example to prove I wasn't just making it up. I'm sure there are far worse out there but this is what I have to put up with LOL.

This is my little area, I call an office:

(I will admit to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers stuff on the right as mine--Go Bucs! But don't worry, that's all, I haven't been fully brought over to the dark side)

This is the rest of the room behind me:

See, I wasn't kidding.

The reason I put up with it all (other than I kinda like the guy) is because as long as I don't turn around, this is the view I see when I work:

Big difference eh? And in the winter/early spring, you can actually see Lake Ontario between the trees.
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