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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Little Black Book

Okay, so it's actually pink with a big flower on it but Little Pink Book With Flower didn't really cut it for me as a title.

Without even realizing it, until I looked something up this morning, my little pink book with flower from the dollar store has grown quite a bit. With hot guy numbers? I wish! Nope, this has writing info in it (like you couldn't guess that LOL). Edges of sticky notes are titled for tabs dividing the pages with everything from blogging ideas, to story titles (I often come up with a story from the title alone), to story ideas I'd sometime like to write about, to a page recording my current word count progress. All jammed into the little pink book with flower (okay, the title is starting to grow on me). There is also a four part section for the writers (LOL) of the Escape the Mondayn game show, an Interesting Characters page where I jot down well, interesting characters I'd like to throw in a book for fun (the latest is a streaker--this came from a story my husband told me the other night of an aquaintence who decided to streak about a kilometre through town at 3am the other morning, true story, how could I not adapt it sometime?) and a page at the back for the technical incompitant in me who some days can't remember the basics.

So this little pink book with flower is now, in truth, little fat pink book with flower. Somewhere along the way I got the heck did that happen?

Anybody else have a little fat pink book with flowers (had to get it in one more time) or a little black, blue, purple, fishy, tartan, lightening, zebra, cow patch (have on of those too), Mickey Mouse, floral, naked man, green, yellow, girly-girl, Garfield, neon,or smiley-face book?
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