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Friday, June 23, 2006

The Universe Evens Out

First, from the bottom of my heart, let me thank you all for the wonderful support of my good news from yesterday! Celebrating is nothing if you can't do it with your friends.

It hit me just this evening while I was going over some old blogs that the fickle Universe truly does even out in it's own sweet time.

For those who have been visiting here for a while, you know that I was going through an extremely rough spot there for a number of months. It affected me both physically and mentally and I thought I'd never get out from under that dark cloud. The funny thing is, is that I don't even remember the cloud leaving. Just one day, it was gone and the sun was shining again. I feel kind of guilty because I didn't realize it until tonight. At some point over the past month, the cloud just evaporated as though it never existed at all and in its place left a beautiful rainbow. Almost like the Universe said, "Okay, we've played with you enough, here's your reward." And that reward was feeling better, thinking better, seeing things better, and now even achieving things better like reaching 40K, new ideas popping up out of nowhere, and the two acceptances yesterday.

It's an odd humbling feeling when thought of in these terms and I just wanted it to be known that I am very thankful that the cloud is gone and the rainbow is before me.

So, nobody give up on anything whether it is your writing, your health, your hopes, or your dreams because one day the Universe will open up and send you a rainbow. I believe it whole heartedly.
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