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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Who are the People in Your Neighborhood...La-La-La, La-La

Despite my poor Sesame Street rendition for the title, let's think about this....

My year anniversary of blogging is just about here and things have come up like blogging 'friends', forums that equal 'communities', 'sister' writers and many other variations which lead to the truth that we are all indeed a neighborhood of sorts. Sure, we don't go and borrow a cup of sugar but we do borrow advice, suggestions, and a cup or two of cyber chocolate. We commiserate with each other, support, lend a hand, and celebrate with each other. We have schools where we learn (online workshops, mentoring from our peers), we have libraries (tons of reference material and people to ask), an abundance of retail outlets from small independants to big box (or book) stores, police stations (overseers of forums), and hospitals (crit groups for emergency help when we panic or need major surgery on a ms). There are churches for our inspirational writers and a few dark alleyways for our mystery or paranormal writers. And don't forget the post office (e-mails or to buy stamps). We couldn't get anything out without those!

And what would a community be without houses? We welcome new neighbors who move in next door and miss those that move away. Choice of genre's only add to the colour of the neighborhood. From erotic to sweet, from women's fiction to technical books, from contemporary to paranormal and fantasy, from psy-fi to inspirational, from historical to modern day.

This neighbor writes contemporary and paranormal...just for fun, and to appreciate all our neighbors, tell us again what genre of writing you do and how it's coming along.
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