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Tuesday, July 04, 2006


(Don't forget to check below this post to see who won yesterdays episode of ESCAPE the Mondayn)

To help me celebrate and promote my new story, I am announcing two contests. Yes, you heard me right, TWO contests and feel free to enter both because I will be choosing TWO winners in each contest...that’s a chance at FOUR prizes! All winners will be chosen on July 18th, 2006.

Contest #1: Riddle Me This

The Prize: One winner will receive A Strawberry Daiquiri Pedicure Set including Foot Lotion, Emery Board, Daiquiri Toe Separators, and Terry-cloth Slippers all in its own zippered carrying case and a promo pack. The second winner will receive a Stationary Pack including pens, notebooks, stapler/pencil sharpener set, To-Do list, and a few other little goodies.

The Contest: It can’t get much easier than this. Simply buy my story (available at and answer this simple question: What happened to Abbey’s hair?
E-mail the answer to me at and you will be entered into the prize draw. It’s that simple.

Contest #2: Row, Row, Row Your Blog

The Prize: Two winners will receive a copy of my story plus a promo pack.

The Contest: Remember how when we were young (and not so young, LOL) and sang Row, Row, Row Your Boat in a round robin fashion? That’s what this contest is about. I’ll start by giving you the verse on my blog below. All you have to do is copy and paste the blurb with the picture onto your blog or myspace (or both) then invite your friends and readers to do the same thus carrying on the ‘song’.

Once it's up, send me an email at with the link and, once confirmed, I'll enter your name into the prize draw.

Oh, and here’s the fun part: When you invite your friends to play make sure they mention your name. When they e-mail me with their link and I see your name in their note or on their blog, not only will their name be put into the draw but so will yours...again! So, if you get three of your friends to put the promo up, you could get a total of 4 entries into the draw! The more your name is entered the better chance you have to win!

Here’s the 'verse':


Now Available: The Theory of Love

from The Wild Rose Press (

For more information on Stacy and her upcoming releases please visit

Why not join the fun and add your verse to the Row, Row, Row Your Blog Contest. Details at or


Remember, you only have until the 17th of July because I'll be picking winners on the 18th! And a big thank you to all who play!

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