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Sunday, July 30, 2006

ESCAPE the Mondayn: Episode # 11

Welcome to another episode of ESCAPE the Mondayn, a weekly game show found only on the Sensibly Insane Channel. I'm your host, Stacy Dawn, and very happy you could join us.

While the editors were away, we had a little party over at The Wild Rose Press forums *g*. Elizabeth brought Antonio Banderas so I invited him over to spin the prize wheel for us today. Thank you so much for joining us Antonio.

It is my pleasure to be here, Stacy. You look captivating. Eres muy guapa.

Why thank you. It's fromIt's from I heard through the party grapevine that you liked me in this dress **winks at him**
**He gives a slight bow of acknowledgement without breaking eye contact** And I heard you danced with Patrick last week. **Shrugs shoulders** He is okay but you, you have passion that can not be brought out with such simple steps.
It would give me great honor to show you what I mean.
Please do.
**A gasp escapes Stacy's lips as he steps forward and pulls her tight against the length of his hard body. The lights dim and the music begins a seductive Tango. Each sultry step echoes off the hardwood floor of the studio. Guitars raise the tempo, heartbeats speed up, temperatures rise, and the melody crescendo to an earth shattering, chest heaving, heart pounding finale.** That was...incredible. You definitely have the moves.
**Breathing heavily, Antonio gently raises Stacy from his low hold and bows deeply over her hand** Muchas gracias. But I am only as good as my beautiful and passionate partner. I enjoyed our dance con todo mi corazón.
And with all my heart I thank you.

Now, before I pass out from exhilaration, we best get to our escape, although ladies, I don't think anything could compare to a Tango with Antonio at the moment. Speaking of which, please, Antonio, spin our prize wheel and tell us what one lucky contestant will win today.

Of course, mi amor. Tickety-tickety-tickety-tickety....tickety-tickety-tickety.... tickety-tickety.... tickety.... tick. It is a Heart-shaped Calculator.

A heart-shaped calculator. Just like our dance. Each step calculated to the beating of each other's hearts. Hmmm, I almost hate to give this gift up...*g*

Ready everyone? Here's your escape:

You are at a masked ball. Fine costumes of every color, shape, and mastery fill the room. Midnight approaches--the allotted time to de-mask your partner. You've been swept away by one man all evening though he refuses to reveal his name. As he folds you once again in his arms, the clock ticks off its final countdown... ten... nine... eight... seven... six... five... four... three... two... one... Freeze.

Let yourself go and tell me what happens next! What costumes are you both wearing? Who is he? Give me two lines or give me twenty, it doesn't matter. Don’t hold back...let yourself escape!

Remember, you don't need to be a writer, you don't need to be a reader, heck, you don't even need to be sane if you don't want to be. This is a fun game all about you so don't be shy, don't be a lurker, just dive in and...

The studio and Producers of the Sensibly Insane Channel apologize for any formatting errors. Technical difficulties abounded while taping (typing) this episode. Thank you for your understanding.

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