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Sunday, July 02, 2006

ESCAPE the Mondayn: Episode # 7

Hello and welcome to our ALL AMERICAN episode of ESCAPE the Mondayn, a weekly game show found only on the Sensibly Insane Channel. I’m your host Stacy Holmes. How do you like my dress? I wanted to make sure I fit in with the celebration today.

Speaking of our celebrating, please help me welcome an all American hero as our celebrity guest spinner today. The man-of-steel himself...Brandon Routh.

Thank you.

No, thank you for joining us today. With such a busy schedual promoting your new movie, I'm happy you took a moment to play. And with a chest worthy of the man-of-steel, I see you've already complied with our rule of no shirt spinners. Mmmm, mmm, mmm. Are you ready to start then?

Ready ,willing, and able.

I'll just bet you are.

Okay contestants, here's how our game works. I'm going to give you an escape from your mundane day and all you have to do is tell me what you are doing. Don’t forget, a random draw will be made at the end of the episode and one lucky contestant will win a gift from the prize wheel which Brandon will so abley spin for us.


Yes, you go right ahead then tell us what today's prize will be. Wait, okay, now I have a better view. Go on.

Okay....tickety-tickety-tickety-tickety....tickety-tickety-tickety....tickety-tickety....tickety...tick...The prize wheel landed on a Super Jumbo Deck of Cards.

Super Jumbo huh? **grins at thought of other super jumbo things** Yes, well, ah, we'd better see what our escape is for today. Ready everyone?

Here we go...

You are sitting at your desk eating your lunch because you've had a crazy morning at work. Meetings, lectures, idiots all around. While so not enjoying your cardboard tasting sandwich, you log onto the internet and check out the official lottery numbers. Every number matches your ticket exactly....FREEZE.

Let yourself dream, let yourself escape and tell me what happens next. Give me two lines, give me twenty, it doesn't matter. Remember, you don’t need to be a writer, you don’t need to be a reader, heck, you don’t even need to be sane if you don’t want to be. This is a fun game all about you so don’t be shy, don’t be a lurker, just dive in and...

Note: Anyone can play but don’t forget to include your name! Without a name you can’t be put into the draw for the prize wheel gift!
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