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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Finally a Little Relaxation

My hubby spent yesterday morning cutting the yard (just over an acre so it took a bit) while I tried to get some work done. Then we all packed up and went to the beach later in the afternoon. It was wonderful. Most people were packing up from being there for the whole day so it wasn't overly busy. I had a good book and sunscreen while all the boys played in the frigid water and built sandcastles. Can't get much more relaxing than that!

Today we went up to the Riverview Park and Zoo, a free zoo about forty minutes north of us. Had a great surprise in that my husband's best friend and his family were there. They live over two and a half hours away but have a trailer only an hour away and happened to be down this weekend. We went around the zoo together then went out to lunch; it was a great visit. Looking forward to seeing them again in August when we'll pop up to their trailor for the day.

Tomorrow we'll be heading to the f-i-l then the other b-i-l for a swim and supper. Wow, suddenly we are social butterflies instead of hermit crabs like usual LOL.

Thank you to all who have entered the contests so far! There is still time to enter! You can see the details HERE.


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