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Friday, July 21, 2006


Procrastinating....who me?

I feel like I should be at my revisions right now instead of blog-hopping. I even feel a tad guilty even though I shouldn't because I worked on them for two solid hours this morning. The thing is, it was really early because I couldn't sleep. So even though I was a good girl and did my work, it was in effect so long ago that I feel I should be doing it now. Yet, the point of doing it early is to get everything else into the day as well....I don't know. Maybe the early morning is catching up with me because I don't think I'm making sense anyway. See, my mind isn't focused for concentrating, yeah, so it's okay not to do what I should be doing but to do what I shouldn't...and if you understood that, can you explain it back to me?
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