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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Men and Holidays

I love my husband, I really do. I say this because he's on holidays this, nothing is getting done. It is nothing for him to say, "Let's go here or there or..." you get the picture. And when I try to explain that finances won't allow it, or it rains like the torrential downpoured for the last two day, he gets mopey and well, acts like a man.

Take today for instance. We are supposed to go to the zoo, fine, great even. But then he is going to his brothers to fix the second car. He needs us there with the first car incase he can't get the second car going. Has he thought further than He won't be doing this until 5:30 tonight. His brother lives over an hour away from our home and when they get doing car stuff, it will be at least 9:30 before they are done. Hello! Two young kids in tow. We can visit his other brother and family who also have young kids but I feel like we're intruding and they'll feel obligated to feed us unexpectedly etc. It's just awkward and makes it a late night all around and after a day of sun and walking around the zoo...not looking forward to it.

I just wish he would think things out instead of just what he has to do sometimes. I'm always the one who has to think of the children/adjust/and pack according to his whims and he gets all mopey if I say one thing in difference to his 'wonderful' idea. I know, I know, it's one of the perks of being a mother, but sometimes it would just be nice to be thought of as a person.

Oh crap, that was a whiney rant wasn't it. Sorry, not what I planned to post for today.


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