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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

News Let Her

Okay, now read the title really fast three times. What do you get?

Yep newsletter LOL. Yes, as you'll see down over on the left side, you can add your name to my newsletter list. This is not another yahoo group, just a simple newsletter that I am hoping to bring out once a month and there will be special prize giveaways for those who are signed up for it.

Okay, now on to more fun of The Theory of Love contest!

Congratulations to the Row, Row, Row Your Blog contests winners: Bailey Stewart and Diva Michelle .


Congratulations to the Riddle Me This contest winners: Peggy and Janice.

Thank you everyone who participated and either bought or spread the word about my story. I really appreciate it.


Also, quick reminder to go over to Romance Junkies to read and vote! There are a lot of us in this competition and since we can't say when our story is up...we need all your support every week!

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