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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Rollercoaster Writer

It's been up and down on the writing front for the last few weeks between family obligations and the hubby being on holidays. So this week, I finally had time to write and did I? No. I could blame it on the extra two kids I had or the extremely crappy weather we've been having but in truth, I'm just on the writer's rollercoaster.

Even though I'm terrified of them in the physical world, I can't seem to stop riding the mental one. I'm a rollercoaster writer. I have highs and lows, times when the words are coming at such a rapid pace I can't get my fingers to move fast enough, and times when I feel I'm on the slow drag up the hill, viewing the summit but just not able to get myself moving.

Sometimes I wish I could be a highway writer. You know, the ones who are on a long, straight, and even course with narry a curve or bump setting them off their routine. Sure, they have an exit or two or a pit-stop every once in a while to deal with life but then they just cruise back on and continue progressing well, getting the stories written one after the other after the other. I'm not saying that road is easy, heck no, but its the fact that they stay on it. They set their goals, stick to their daily routine, and produce at an even cycle.

That is my goal. To be a highway writer because right now, I'm getting awfully sick of and on the peaks and valleys.

Are you a rollercoaster writer or a highway writer?

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