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Friday, July 14, 2006

What's on Your Desk?

It's 5:45am right now and everyone else is upstairs sleeping. Unusual? You bet your dented pillow it is. Why am I here? I have no idea.

So, here I am sitting at my desk about to go through my morning routine of e-mail/blog checks while holding my eyelids open with crayola crayons because they don't think my brain has the right to keep the rest of me awake. I'm also looking at all the crap on my desk deciding when I'm going to clean it off **snort, yeah right** and noticed a few things in amongst the cows herding space on the top. There is a picture of Disney's The Little Mermaid (my favorite D movie ever) that I cut out of the CD package when I was sixteen and another cutting of a medieval woman looking off at a castle in the distance (beautiful artistry) that I have had for about as long. There is a pen my mother-in-law gave me with an angel and my birthstone as well as a hotwheel of an old red VW Beetle punch-buggy. These are things that have survived my moves, my desks, various rooms, and various clean-outs. Sure, there are pictures of my husband and boys, a great black and white Stetson ad with hunky Matthew McCaunehey (too early to spell) which is new (believe it or not my hubby brought it home for me) and many a cow roaming the hills and vales of my tumbled desk. But these other simple things have been with me for...let's not count and just say a long time. Inspiring? Maybe. Comfortable? Definately.

Look around your desk. Is there something that has to be there? Do you notice something that has just always been there?
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