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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Wonderful Day

Yesterday was a wonderful day. Not that I don't love my family but everyone needs a little alone time to recharge...I'm sure you all can relate.

As much as I wanted to, no, I didn't go shopping for the simple reason that if I did I would have spent money. Not a good time to do that right now. But, I did paint my fingernails AND toenails for the wedding (which was lots of fun and oh, the food!). I sat outside on my front porch and enjoyed the view. A lovely breeze was blowing and I had a tall glass of iced-tea while I wrote in my was Heaven!

Speaking of writing, it only added to the good day because I finally had an idea for the contest The Wild Rose Press is holding (for more info go HERE it's pretty cool) The problem is, or rather was, that I have a hard time coming up with ideas to fit something. I have plenty of ideas, a backlog of them at the moment, which I am grateful for, but I've rarely been able to come up with one when I have to fit a certain line, or theme, or structure. Yes, I admit, I like to do things my way which is why I find it hard to find places for my writing because they often don't quite fit the structure certain lines want. For things like this contest, I could fret for weeks and not come up with a thing. Well, yesterday I did. BAM--out of the blue. My muse must have felt generous although I must say she will be making me work for some of the research but still. I've got that 'oh yeah' feeling about the story. That zing that gives you the confidence to put it down on paper at least.

What about you? Is it easy for you to be given a topic and run with it, or do you struggle as well?
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