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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Big Things Brewing

I am probably one of the few who only recently discovered Cataromance. Actually it's all the CataNetwork: CataRomance, Ecataromance, etc. Well let me tell you, if you write romance you should scoot on over there. It promotes catagory romance, books, authors, readers everyone. A great place to get your name around too.

And there is going to be something going on there next week that you don't want to miss. It's all I can say for now even though I am SCREAMING inside to tell you. And for a hint, no, I haven't sold any stories or anything. This is something fun and hilariously entertaining.

Oh, and since no one guessed my birthday yesterday (check very bottom of yesterday's post and comments) I'll carry it over for another day. First who can tell me the day of my birthday (not month, just day) will get a magnet and some bookmarks.
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