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Monday, August 21, 2006

ESCAPE The Mondayn: Episode # 14

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Welcome to another episode of ESCAPE the Mondayn here on the Sensibly Insane Channel. I’m your host, Stacy Dawn, and...what? My dress? Oh, you noticed the unusual choice today did you? Well, it goes along with today's episode. This hosty is venturing into the wild as you read this pre-taped show. Yes, I’ll be hiking up the tent and building my campfire but I couldn’t let that stop me from being stylish now could I?

And, because of my little holiday, this will be an extended episode until Wednesday night when I return to the studios. With that in mind, however, I have some extra special help to make sure you don’t miss my sensibly insane musings on Wordflirts, Tuesday so be sure to check it out because there is a little something 'sweet' there you have a chance to win.

Now, let’s get to the fun part. Right from the Pink Carpet of the Catanetwork RCA’s this past Friday, please welcome our special guest celebrity spinner....Christian Bale!

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Hellooo, Christian. I’m glad to see you’ve already prepared for the show.

Of course **sexy smile**

For those of you who missed it, Christian did an impromptu audition for this show at the RCA ceremonies

And I’m grateful you agreed to let me come today.

**eyes him up and down with sultry smile** Look at you, sweetheart, how could I not? Besides, as I recall, you were also requested by one of our contestants which pretty much makes you a sure thing. Her name is Melissa; I’ll introduce you after the show.

I’ll look forward to it.

Trust me, so will she. Now, why don’t you flex those super hero arms of yours and give our wheel a spin to see what one lucky, randomly drawn contestant could win?

Here goes...tickety-tickety-tickety-tickety....tickety-tickety-tickety...tickety-tickety....tickety...tick.

What is the prize for today?

A funky-fish bookmark.

Oh yes, though not the same kind I'll be fishing for, this oversized funky-fish bookmark is probably made from the same rubbery material as that sexy bat suit of yours. Hmmm, I think I’d like to see that up close and personal sometime.

**roguishly raises brow** Name the day.

We will definitely discuss that after the show as well. But first, let’s give these ladies their three-day escape:

You’ve left the resort to do some hiking along the breathtaking ridge. The day is beautiful and clear and the fresh air and exercising is exhilarating. Upon turning back, you come to a divide in the road and pause having no idea which route you had come up. After a frantic search, you discover you lost your map. Oh, well. Both path’s go down so you leave it to destiny and choose. Two steps onto the path of choice a firm hand grabs your arm. “Trust me, you don’t want to go that way.” ....FREEZE.

Let yourself escape and tell me what happens next. Who stopped you? Did you want to be stopped? What do you do now?

Give me two lines or give me twenty, it doesn’t matter, just go with the flow.

Remember, you have extra time to play this week so don’t forget to drop into contestant’s row and play:

And don't forget to check out the 'sweet' surprise in my post on Tuesday at Word Flirts!


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