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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Shots and Scripts

Had one of those mother moments today. My oldest had to get his five year old immunization shot today. It was the first needle he was old enough to understand what exactly that meant. Yikes, not fun for either of us. But he was a trooper. They are mega into Monster Jam/Monster Trucks right now so while trying to make him feel better, I told him to yell out GraveDigger (his favorite, although for those not familiar with monster trucks that does sound like an awful thing to say to a doctor LOL). I told him by the time he yelled it out, the needle would be done and over with. It worked perfectly.

Then the doctor brought out a second needle. My husband and I just looked at each other with an 'oh, crap' look on our faces. This one stung and hurt a bit more but he did great. So good that we ran over to Walmart and picked him up a little monster truck for being such a good sport.

Well, in between day trips to the zoo, up to visit and friend and her family, mini-golfing, and a trip to a different zoo, I've been working on the script for the CataNetwork Reviewers' Choice Awards on Friday. It's been a hoot but more work than I anticipated. I'm loving it, I just could have picked a better week than my husband's holidays LOL.

Don't forget to peek below to see who won yesterday's episode of ESCAPE the Mondayn!
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