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Friday, August 04, 2006

Title Tribulations

Yesterday was an interesting day for me. I don't like to cause waves but I had a major concern with my new story soon to be released.

I received the galleys for my story so I had no choice but to buck up and state my case. The problem was my title. I LOVED it. It fit the story perfectly right to the end where even the last line being the same as the title brought everything together. It must be known that this is a very special story for me, I'd almost say my favorite--a little out there and definately not my humorous stuff but the depth and emotion within still pulls at me and I've read it a thousand times (this is the truth even if it sounds like a shameless plug LOL)

By now you are probably thinking the editor asked me to change it--wrong. I was planning to ask to change it.

You see the title was Between Heaven and Earth, the problem: a newrelease from The Wild Rose Press came out just last week for the same Black Rose line, this one called Between Shadows and Lightening (by Vivienne Lorret by the way and I've heard it's suppose to be good if anyone wants to check it out). Now you see my dilema. Add the almost identical titles to identical covers because the Minature Roses (short stories) share the same covers and yeah...might as well be twins.

So, what does Stacy do?? I spend the whole night fretting, restless, and not getting much sleep because my mind is wrapped around trying to think up a title that would convey the depth of my story and one I could love as much as the origional. I spent the next morning doing pretty much the same thing only in a more frustrated level of anxiety.

Later that morning I gave my husband a coronary which nearly caused an accident as I hollered out my epiphany while in the car on the way to town. It was one of those you think it might work but you're not 100% positive but at the same time it's so much better than the crap I was coming up with.

Now came bringing up the subject to my editor not knowing the procedure and how much extra work it would cause if she even let me change it. So, I apologized profusely, stated my case, pressed send and hoped for the best. Turns out all my worries were for nothing, she was glad I changed it, liked the new title and it didn't cause her but a minute or two of extra work to change both it and the last line of the story (which I had to also rewrite because of the new title). So she sends me back the new galley. I admit I was still hesitant if the whole thing would work the way I wanted it too.! I couldn't believe how incredible the whole thing came together even better than the origional.

Lesson learned: Don't hold on so tight--you just might find letting go brings you so much more.

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