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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Wait Til You Hear This!

There are a lot of you who know about or who belong to the CataNetwork already. For those of you who said you haven't been in a while, this is the time to go back.

**Trumpets sounding**

Guess who will be hosting the CataNetwork Reviewers' Choice Awards next week??? I know, too easy....yes, ME!

One of the lovely ladies saw my interview with Madison Chase popped over Monday to see my game show, and e-mailed to ask if I would 'host' their ceremony.

If you think ESCAPE the Mondayn on the Sensibly Insane Channel is entertaining, just wait til you see the Red Carpet ceremony on the CataNetwork. Go HERE to sign up (all free) to their message boards so you don't miss any of the star studded event. There will be sightings, goodies, interviews, and the award ceremony on Friday with moi as host!

So please, spread the news, they want this to be the event of the summer!

And by the way, no one has guess the day of my birthday yet. Check last post's comments to see what's been guessed and give it a try. First one to get it gets a magnet and some bookmarks and anything else I can fit into the envelope LOL.

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