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Friday, August 11, 2006

We've Been Had!

So, we finally had a winner in the birthday naming contest. If you look in the comments from the last post. Penelope Sanchez guessed the 25th of September....Congratulations...NOT!

I thought it a little unusual that it was anonomous because it's rare. Then again, with all the hoopla around the CataNetwork Reviewers' Choice Awards, I just figured it was a new person and simply went with it--did I mention I was hosting the awards show on Friday the 18th?

You know how you should always go with your gut? I shoulda. Tonight my sister starts asking about my blog. She does occasionally but nothing serious. Well, she was getting into detail then she suddenly just broke up laughing and asked if anyone guessed my birthday...a Penelope Sanchez. Yes, now is when the lightbulb strikes. She's a hoot by the way, love her dearly, admire the crap out of her and she has her moments of brilliance, this being one of them.

I thought the name familiar but it didn't click because she mixed them up. When we were young, we used to play funny games and I always put on a little girls voice and said, "I'm Penelope Petunia Penopscott and I'm only twee and a half years old" It was a skit routine okay. Then as we got in our teens we used to yell across the shopping mall at each other..."Hey Samjose! Hey Sanchez!" and run, hug, and make a big goofball scene...okay, yes, we're weird but we laughed a lot. So as you can see, she took the first of one and the last of the other to create a whole new which she will seriously regret in the near future **insert evil laugh**

If I can just take a moment since the subject is brought up to tell you what an extraordinary woman my sister is. She got pregnant at eighteen. To please my parents married the man (not because they forced but because she thought it would make them happy) The only good thing that came out of the marriage was a second son. It ended when he was still a babe. She raised those two boys on her own for another seven years. She did an awesome job at it too. They are handsome, polite, and wonderful young men right now. During this time she put herself through college (the only one of us who graduated college--I have a post highschool degree from a tech school but not a college or university degree) because she refused to live on government subsidy programs. She is now a legal assistant in a prestigious office in the area. She finally found the right man and they are now married with another daughter plus he brought a sweet daughter into the marriage as well. One of those yours-mine-and-ours families LOL. I am so proud of her and love her dearly! My sister, Penelope Sanchez...better known as Stephanie.

This is us as kids. That's my brother Shawn in the middle. Yeah, Shawn, Stephanie, and Stacy--it was an interestingly annoying childhood as you can tell from our oh so happy expressions. Gotta love kneesocks.

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This is us more recent. Yes, I know we don't look alike, never have as the above can attest too. It's been a family joke since I was born--although she's the adopted one! (just kidding)

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And this **insert evil laugh** this is just for payback. Meet Penelope Sanchez...

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And since she cheated on the date of my birth. The new game is to guess my sister's birthday. First person who guess the day in April gets a the magnet, bookmarks, and stickers.


After I posted this, I sent my sister an e-mail with the title "You shouldna done dat Lucy!" and sent her here. This was her response:

I can't believe you put that picture up there for the whole net to see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOVE YOU MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You wait its not over until its over!!!!!!!!!

I am soooo not scared of you, Stephie! Bring it on!

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