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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Bra-less Wednesday Part II: Thespian Thursday

Yesterdays post brought out a number of interesting views both in thought and visual LOL.

The most interesting was an e-mail I received. First, I will say it is from a good friend so not to be taken in any offense. Second, he's a guy so right there, you have to give him a bit of a break LOL.

He begins the letter by describing his observations about 'dressing the part' in his workplace and how sometimes you can't tell a person by their cover so to speak. Here is a quote of the latter half of his note:

You said you write in sweats and t-shirt. Yet when I look at your
blog site, I see pictures of gowns and dresses. A brief look at **'s
books, shows well dressed heroines. Almost every one has
a picture/sketch/artwork of a female, in a dress and high heels on the cover.
The question comes down to "can you write romances while dressed in
non-romantic clothes?" And trust me, sweats and baggy t-shirts aren't
romantic. Would you write better if you dressed the part? Maybe you
should try wearing a formal gown and heels while writing. Maybe you should
try this when your kids and Ken are away so they don't call a doctor or lock you
up however. :)

Please don't take any of the above too seriously. But I bet you get
quite a few responses on this one.

Now, obviously a few of his points leave much to be desired, the one that comes to mind most for me is that T-shirts and sweats are not romantic...I'll leave that one for his wife to deal with LOL.

But he does bring up an interesting point. Romantic Heroines are portrayed most often 'dressed for the part' Try to think of any covers you've ever seen with the woman NOT in heels? Please tell me if you know them because I don't.

What does this say about my writing then when my current piece involves a landscaper heroine who is more comfortable in dirt? Am I more comfortable writing about lesser, shall we say, vain heroines because I myself wouldn't know the name of a shoe designer if I read it on a billboard?

So taking the 'dressing for success' theory of yesterday, would literally 'dressing for the part' make a difference in the writing? If I dressed for a night on the town before I wrote, would a nightclub scene be more indepth and real? Would wearing a tiara get me in the mood to write a fairytale story? Does writing naked make your erotic scenes come easier(no pun intended, though it is kinda funny LOL) ? Dressed all in black for a thief, in medieval gown for a historical, combat boots for a military get my point. In other words, will staging yourself at your desk for a day make a difference?

This is all in fun, mind you but I thought the concept very interesting and have to give my friend credit for his intuitiveness. Maybe someday I'll give his theory a never know, it might help.

So, of course I have to ask...have you or would you dress up for your characters??
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