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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Bra-less Wednesday

That got your attention didn't it!

Actually, it's more...bra-less or not?

You see, we ran into town the other day to get groceries and with my deadline looming dangerously close, as soon as we got back I went right to work. I got quite a bit done too. Later in the afternoon it occurred to me that I was in more formal garb than my usual work attire of track pants and t-shirt. The biggest difference was the bra. More than you need to know but most of the time if I know I'm at home all day, I let the girls have a little freedom.

So all this got me wondering if I worked better 'dressed for success' or not. I used to work a 9-5 job, nylons and all **cringe**, very professional looking. Since being at home, of course I don't bother with most of that except for specific events. Does it make a difference in my mental attitude if I 'feel' more professional when I write? Should I be putting on the bra and maybe a nice pair of jeans and a casual-dressy shirt to 'go to work' at my desk. Will this influence my writing?

I know this is getting personal but I'd really like to know or have a little poll on this. Bra or Bra-less? Does how you dress for writing make a difference to how you write??

Remember, the Quickie contest ends tonight. All the details are at the bottom of yesterdays post!
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