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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Cut and Paste

In a carry over from my post at Word Flirts, I spent last night sitting on the floor with my current story spread around me and cut and pasted the thing together--literally. We're talking scissors, glue, stapler and highlighter. Ugh.

Not pretty but I think I got a workable pile that I will now start a new document for and do the same cut and paste on the computer today. Hopefully by tomorrow, I'll have a legible copy to send to my crit partners.

Speaking of crit partners, I did something else unusual for this piece too. As I read it over I tried to pretend it was something one of them sent me to critique, not mine. I even made suggestions or kudos like I would as if it were theirs. It's amazing how in another mind set it was easier to pick out what was working and what wasn't.


And as promised, here is my next contest... **drum rolls and horns**....

Shadows of Moonlight Contest

Visit my website or The Wild Rose Press Bookstore and read the blurb for Shadows of Moonlight. All you have to do is tell me how many times his wife's spirit has returned. It's not a trick question but don't be fooled by the number you see. Email the answer to me at

It’s as simple as that. I’ll pick a name from all the correct answers and the winner will receive a beautiful oversized floral journal (10 ½ x 8) and a writing pen.

If you would like to purchase my story (thank you so so much if you do) and you include the actual names of each woman in your email then you will be entered into a second special draw for a Strawberry Daiquiri Pedicure set including lotion, emery board, nail brush, and slippers.

I’ll announce the winners in my next Newsletter, which will come out around the 16th of September (so get those answers in soon!). If you’re not already signed up for my newsletter, don’t worry. You can find the sign up here on my blog to the left there. (it only comes out once a month so don’t worry about cluttered email)

Good luck everyone!


Don't forget to look below to see who won yesterdays ESCAPE the Mondayn episode. We're still cleaning up the drool LOL.


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