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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Eureka! A Discovery

It's funny how we do things without even realizing until one night you lie in bed listening to the coyotes howl and Eureka! so that's why I do that. What the heck am I talking about right?

Yes, it has to do with writing and no, it's not really a WOW factor discovery to anyone but me but it kinda took me by surprise because I never really knew I did it.

I'm working on this cowboy story and it's just not flowing as it should. I'm having problems with descriptives etc in between the dialoge. I realized it was due to POV which I needed to keep an eye on. Then last night in bed I made the descision to change it over totally to first person. I was battling myself with this because I didn't want it first but of course fighting yourself against the story always means that you'll lose and end up doing what is best for the story anyway. So okay, I resigned myself to the fact knowing it would make the story stronger and better and more sassy so to speak.

I do find first person easier for me to write than third yet at the same time I've done many stories in third that work out quite well so why does third person seem to give me so much trouble sometimes? Out of the blue my train of thought turned to past stories. The ones I've done in third and the others I've done in first and the same thing holds true for all of them...

If there is two pov's then I can write in third person no problem. If there is only one pov then I have major trouble...every time. Other than one or two which I started in first, all these other stories began in third person but ended up in first. Is that just weird and me or does anyone else do this too? I've read tons of stories from one pov that were written in third person and they're excellent. There doesn't seem to be any different writing technique so why do I have this problem. Or, in truth, is it a problem or just the way my voice choses to be, well, voiced?

I just found it an interesting discover and one which holds true for as far back as I've been writing yet just now comes the understanding behind it.
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