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Friday, September 15, 2006

Find it Friday

Okay, I know I'm going off on the titles but they're becoming fun!

I think I had a topic to blog about today but I totally forgot it. Today is D-day as in deadline-have-to-get--it-in-or-the-editor-will-never-trust-me-again day. The good part is that I have a solid 15K story...the bad part is that I still have to tidy it up and add one or two little details like types of flowers, plants, how to plant them etc because the theme we needed to use is a garden story and um, I don't know a lot about comes mother. I can see her garden from my window and an hour with her should make the story plausible and maybe even give it a little oomph. If you're asking why I waited until the last minute to have this little chat?....she's been on holidays in P.E.I for three weeks LOL.

So for Find it Friday today and to keep with the theme, I have a lovely "In the Garden" 2007 desk calendar up for grabs. Find the item "Prince Charming" was carrying in the very first story I ever published. Hint: it's on my website. E-mail your answer with Find it Friday in the subject line to I'll even send all entries a bookmark and pick a random name tomorrow morning for the calendar.

Have a great day!

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