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Friday, September 29, 2006


Finally! Over a year ago I saw these chairs in the store, tried it out, loved the firm back and wanted one for my office. They sold out before I could get it.

They must be a student's chair because as soon as all the school supplies came out they did too. This year they even had PINK! Yes, I wanted a pink office chair. Unfortunately, my work area is in the 'sportsroom' and my pink chair was immediately vitoed (don't worry, I have lots of bright colors in my space that he can't say boo about)

So I was in the store today and the chairs were on sale! Actually only the orange one which was my first choice last year and my second choice from the pink this year. So I get on my cell, convince him orange is much better than pink AND I have birthday money from my mom and VOILA! I have a new office chair. Even better, without me even asking, HE put it together for how cool is that! So this is my chair except picture it in bright orange he he he.
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