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Thursday, October 05, 2006


Okay, I happily admit my mind works in different ways, which is more than likely why I am a writer. Unfortunately, because of this it also doesn't work the way I want it to.

Case in point. I have ideas I want to write...I have funny ideas, serious ideas, and a way far out idea but none of them are panning out into actual stories. This is the general conversation my brain and I have:

Brain: What about this idea, it has a funny opening.

Me: You're right, it could work.

(crickets chirping)

Me: Uh, can you help me out here a bit and give me a little more

Brain: Nope, that's all I got. Oh wait, what about this title! It'd make a great Christmas story.

Me: I LOVE it! She could be....what?

Brain: Sorry, nope, can't help you there but say I just thought of another one.

Me: Interesting and totally off the wall...wait, before I get excited is there more?

Brain: Yep.

Me: Whew, okay go ahead.

Brain: Somewhere in the story they fall in love.

Me: Right, I do write romance, that's a good thing but what about the story? How do they fall in love?

Brain: Hmmm, you got me there too. Is it bedtime yet?

Its still sleeping.
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