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Thursday, October 26, 2006

How Long Have You Known?

How long have you known you wanted to write romance? Maybe that's not quite right. More, take a jog down memory lane--is there anything there that NOW you look at with a little hmmmmm thought.

I'm on this because--and don't ask me where or why this memory came up, my mind doesn't have logistics in these matters lol--last night I remembered a certain event....OH I know why!!! Okay, backtracking a moment. I watched America's Top Model last night because they were doing Romance book covers as a shoot. Before this though, Tyra Banks said she dabbled in photography and took a shoot of the girls in black and white--this is what brought the old memory up because I used to photography in highschool and had this assignment in black and white.

Okay, we're caught up now in the thought process (at least I am, don't worry if it's still confusing LOL) So, this assignment I got up the nerve to ask a guy (G. L.) in my class to help me. Now, this is the funny part for me because A) Can you say Shy Violett/Wall Flower? I still can't believe I asked him B) Can you say HOT? He was OH MAN, was he hot with arms to drool over and C) The topic of the photographs.

So, here's my point if you are wondering what the heck I'm talking about. At that time I didn't think anything of it but now that I look back, it was a "photograph" if you will to my future. I used G.L.'s arms/hands for my photograph at the time against a black background. Maybe he even started my obsession with muscular arms. They are by far my favorite piece of the male anatomy along with the eyes. Also, I had him hold roses, crush roses, have the petals drop from his hand etc. In depth thinking here would tell me that way back then I was facinated with Romance and trying to express it in a creative manner. Then, I used photography, now, I use the written word.

So, how long have you known you were into romance? Instead of thinking to the moment of revelation in your life, can you see back to a time that you might not have been thinking Romance but your actions hinted at your future? I know, I'm pulling deep here today, walks down memory lane do that to me. Hmm, I wonder what G. L. is doing theses days?
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