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Saturday, October 14, 2006

It Was Well Worth It.

Remember those first two weeks of September when I was buried deep in the revision cave with the story that I literally had to sit on the floor to cut paste together?

It was well worth it.

I just found out the story, Love Floats, won in the Sweetheart line of The Wild Rose Press's Premiere Spring Bouquet Contest! Woohoo! It will be put into an anthology with the winners from the other lines in ebook form AND PRINT next year.


Love Floats

Garden landscaper, Kelsey Ryan, is surprised to find her current client doesn’t have any land. Yet the challenge isn’t in creating a deck garden for his houseboat, but in keeping the hunky graphic artist from growing on her, especially when she thinks the garden is for his wedding day. Will a few marigolds and misunderstandings leave her matchless...or make her his first mate?
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