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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

It's a Date

**Stacy rolling onto her office chair**

Oh, I'm stuffed. Thanksgiving supper turned out good last night! To be honest, I rather like our early Thanksgiving Day because it gives us more time to recoup before Christmas dinner LOL.

Speaking of being thankful...I received two wonderful e-mails yesterday. One from my publisher giving me my release date for A Matching Fancy...October 20th!

I dedicated it to my parents. Last night my mom read the galley and I almost had her crying. Not because it is a sad story but because it was actually inspired by them and there is a bit of them within the story that she recognized.

The second email was from my editor who loved the cowboy story....YEEHAW!!! I'll keep you posted on the date and cover for it.

Oh, speaking of covers! I can't wait for you all to see the one for my full length novel, Wanna Make A Bet?. OMG it's perfect. I'm just waiting for the final copy so I can post it for you to see.

It was a good did your weekend go?
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