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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Pain in the Sleep

I'm kinda carrying this over from Emma's post yesterday. I didn't mean to and if I could I would probably try to blame her for it but more than likely it is just my annoying subconcious because of the time of year.

She spoke yesterday about having boring know, no sexy guys, no one chasing you, nothing happening except things you would do during the day anyway.

Well, last night I had one of my recurring dreams about a former job. It's not recurring in that it's the same dream but always about the same job. It was a busy crazy job when I had to live through it and I don't appreciate my mind wandering back to those days. Last night in the dream, I was on my own, whoever worked before me had left a mess and no film in the camera. All the old frustrations came back and it would have been okay but I worked there for over ten years which means it is so ingraned in my subconcious that when I wake up there is that half a minute when I seriously think I have to go to work or was already there. So I wake up frustrated, tired, and in a bad mood...I hate that.

Don't forget to check below to see who won yesterdays episode! Hmmmm, somehow I feel a lot better just staring at Victor
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