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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Episode #26: And the winner is...

Can you say Snowball! The reason the winner announcement is delayed is because I thought I'd do a quick clean up this morning in preparation for putting up the holiday decorations...ooops. I started moving things around then had to move other things to make room for them then other things to make room for the things I had to move...yeah, you get the drift. Now I have umpteen piles on the floor that need to find a home and/or be taken to the local Goodwill.

Okay, the names are going into the santa hat (which I found at the bottom of the toybox, obviously it was missed with last years put aways and is ready to be used again LOL)

And the winner is...Carol Ann!!

Congratulations! Email me at contests @ (no spaces) so I can get your prize in the mail.

Thank you everyone who played. I love how it went back and forth between new and continuing sagas!

Hope to see you all next week for another resounding episode of ...

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