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Friday, November 10, 2006

Naming Names

So, I've started a new project and I found something very interesting already. I'm having a problem with names.

Do you find that you gravitate towards the same names for your heroes or heroines? I do. I don't mean to but when I first think up a story certain names for certain types of characters always pop up. Heroes for instance, maybe it's because I find certain names stronger than others and Heroines, certain names softer or sassier depending on the character traits I'll be writing about. Then sometimes they just pop up maybe because they are fresh in my mind. An example would be my Christmas story. I named the hero Ryan, it fit, I liked it everything worked. Until I got the info sheets for my contest story back and realized I forgot I named that heroine Kelsey Ryan. Two stories too close together to keep the name so I had to change his. I hate changing names half way through a story because they've already grown on you like that.

The same think happened last night while I was making notes. The same names kept popping up and I'd be no, I used that already, or no that name is for the hero in a story that's half done but I really do want to finish someday.

So, I've heard about and I think it's about time I made a character name list of the ones I've used already. Like I'm sure a lot of you have, I have a dozen or more half finished, outlined, or in-the-work wips that also deter certain names from popping up again. I figure I'll add all these to the list that way I can have a quick reference of what I've already used or a quick place to switch names around if I find I want to.

On this topic, I could also use a bit of help. There is a Bookthong in it for one lucky person too! I need a nickname for a guy. This is all still waring in my head so bare with me. He's a kind of ad man who sets up things like the photography sessions and hiring of the 'right look' for the campaigns he works on. He's not sleazy but for other reasons, I need him to have a nickname instead of using his real name. ie: Chip, Cutter, Kip, Jet, Ford, Fletch...things like these but I've already dismissed these as not right. I know, not much to work with but at the same time it leaves it wide open so just give me anything that strikes your mind. If I pick yours, I'll send you a bookthong! Thanks

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